The blog…

Wasdale, Cumbria

The blog bit

This is the second blog that I have had here. The first one, which I ran from 2009 until mid 2019 was ostensibly about my experiences of living with non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.

You can find it here if you would like to read all about it.

While that one had a specific theme, from which I drifted far too often, this one is just a place to write down thoughts and ideas to share with anyone who would care to drop by.

Here is an update

If you have just found this, you will not know what this site looked like before I wrestled with the WordPress interface and found ways around the “new and improved” way of doing things. I still cannot do what I really want to do with this, but you have to work within the constraints of…

This is the way to do it…

This will not stay here very long, but I think that I have worked it out. Good grief, this has been painful. Maybe my first blog post ought to be about how difficult WordPress have made their user interface in the last 10 years. That’ll teach them.

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