Here is an update

If you have just found this, you will not know what this site looked like before I wrestled with the WordPress interface and found ways around the “new and improved” way of doing things. I still cannot do what I really want to do with this, but you have to work within the constraints of what WordPress allow you to do.

I am not going to learn how to code at my time of life, so this is what it is.

I will sort out the photographic element of the site over the coming weeks. I have realised that one needs to make sure that the images are titled properly, otherwise they show in the gallery as something like L1028765.jpg which is no good to anyone and the Copyright dates etc are all over the place. There will be a root and branch review soon, as the ones here at the moment are just here to make up the numbers.

Now, I am beginning to feel a bit more comfortable with the layout, it’s so far, so good.

But, I wonder why the nice wide photo of Wastewater at the head of this page shrinks down nicely when this is viewed on an iPhone, but the nice wide poppies shot I used to have on the Home page, doesn’t. You mean you missed seeing that in all its glory? I will see about including it in a gallery.

Published by Andy Barton

59 year old family man, living in Cheshire, but originally from Maidenhead. I started this blog when first diagnosed with non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. I was just going to keep a diary, but decided to make it a public one in the hope that if one other person in my situation read it, and got some benefit from it, that would be a positive thing for both of us. Over ten years later, I am pleased to say that lots of people have read the blog and several people have made comment to me that they have got some benefit from it. So that's all good. I am not "on a journey" with this - this is just life as I know it.

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